MHHS_OverallSite_BirdsEye_NWMOUNTAIN HOUSE — Residents can watch as steel beams reach for the sky on the future site of Mountain House High School’s gymnasium via an onsite webcam.

Located near Mascot Boulevard and Central Parkway, the webcam records the ongoing progress of the school’s construction every 15 minutes.

Brought online Dec. 3, the camera has been taking still images to create a time-lapse video of the project, which is visible with the click of the time-lapse button on the website at

According to Lammersville Unified School District Superintendent Dale Hansen, reaction to the webcam has been positive.

“People are so excited,” he said. “We get a lot of good comments on our Facebook page. … The job is going really well. We got a lot of likes, so people are paying attention.”

The initial picture from the webcam is a wide shot of the overall construction site, but viewers can zoom in or click on a calendar to see what the site looked like on a specific date or time.

Currently, viewers can see six large steel beams that were erected earlier this week for the school gymnasium. According to Hansen, more steel is expected to go up early next week.

“We’re about a week away from some good pictures,” he said. “The next thing that comes in will be the administration building steel (on Feb. 11), and the crane will roll over to put the roof steel for the gym.”

The webcam is slated to continue recording until completion of the school in June 2014.

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