MHHS_OverallSite_BirdsEye_NWMOUNTAIN HOUSE — As construction of Mountain House High School progresses, school officials are reaching out to the community for input about the school’s mascot and colors.

Lammersville Unified School District Superintendent Dale Hansen plans to open the feedback process in February so officials can have the logo and colors accent the gymnasium and other buildings at the school, which is set to open in August 2014.

“We need to guide the architect and contractor,” Hansen said. “With the gym floor layout (with a mascot) and concrete in the administration building going down in the next two months, if it’s colored, we need to get that to the contractor.”

The road leading into the campus, currently called Mascot Boulevard, will also be changed to the name of the mascot chosen by the community, Hansen said.

To receive feedback in a timely fashion, Hansen will share a number of process suggestions with the school board at its monthly meeting Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Hansen surveyed school districts across the state to see how they picked their mascots and school colors, and chose the proposals that he thought had the most successful track record.

The superintendent will recommend setting up kiosks at all four elementary schools in the Lammersville Unified School District so the students representing the high school’s first three graduating classes — who are now in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades — can have their say.

He will also propose creating an online survey so the community can vote on the top three mascot suggestions.

That way, Hansen said, “everybody has a chance in the process.”

“For our community with only one high school, the importance (of input) has increased,” he said.

In addition to ordering construction materials for the school, Hansen said district officials want to make sure the colors chosen are not unique, so that special orders for band uniforms aren’t necessary.

Officials also wanted to ensure the colors and mascot are different from those of other schools against which the new school will compete in athletic events.

According to the staff report, the mascot must be a symbol, character, name or logo that represents the school in a positive manner; promotes unity and pride; and shows fairness, dignity and respect.

“I think it’s great,” Hansen said. “The energy — people are starting to realize we’re going to have our own high school. This is the fun part of my job.”

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