In 1997, construction of NMR’s design of Chico State Nettleton Stadium was completed. This summer, calls for peanuts, popcorn and candy apples will return to the NMR designed stadium along with the professional, independent baseball team, Chico Heat. NMR Chico Office Manager Sheila Vargas and family will support the team this summer by hosting a Chico Heat baseball player in their home.

Nettleton won’t be the only field to welcome minor league-like teams this summer. The Redding Colt 45’s home turf, Tiger Field will bring college baseball players from around the country to Redding. Through the years NMR has contributed upgrades to 91 year old Tiger Field like conceptual phasing, upgraded dugouts, stadium style seating, new and improved scorer’s table, updated accessibility features, and a shade cloth for fans. Learn more about NMR architectural projects, and join the ball-field fun this summer by purchasing tickets for a Chico Heat game or a Colt 45’s game.