NMR is pleased to introduce our new visualization studio! Led by Principal David Rogers the new studio will focus on procuring and utilizing cutting edge software and technology to aid the firm in continuing to create an outstanding design experience for our clients.

 According to Principal, David Rogers architecture firms have always used some form of renderings to illustrate their designs, but not all firms have the in-house capability to produce the renderings themselves. Rogers states, “Lots of firms have decided to outsource visualization to places like India. NMR has chosen to keep it in-house. Modeling and rendering play a significant part in the creative process. Through the rendering creation process, you have the opportunity to refine the design as you visually evaluate various materials and lighting effects. Often you see things you normally wouldn’t see, and because it’s early in the design process you are able to easily make changes.” The advantage of NMR’s use of cutting edge software is that it allows the conceptual modeling and rendering phases of a design to occur simultaneously which results in higher quality, more resolved, designs early in the project.

 The architectural rendering and visualization process has evolved dramatically over the years. Not long ago, renderings were hand drawn, 2-D, watercolor images that took days to create. If changes were made to the original design, the hand drawn rendering was immediately out of date. Technology has changed the entire rendering process and significantly decreased the time required. Currently, virtual reality goggles and 360 degree panoramas offer designers and clients the ability to view and edit 3-D photorealistic renderings in a matter of minutes. The use of VR and 360 degree panorama allows clients to literally stand inside a space or outside a building, see the design in detail, comment on changes or discuss and view alternate design solutions. The technology removes barriers, and allows clients to engage with the design team in a highly productive and collaborative fashion.

See NMR’s 360 degree panorama of the Chico Municipal Airport Terminal expansion here.