Many thanks to Enjoy Magazine on the wonderful article on NMR’s 50th anniversary!

“A city is made of much more than brick and stone, and its buildings are only empty edifices without people to enjoy them. Still, a city is in part the sum of its buildings-these creative and practical structures that help define a neighborhood, community, even a culture.

Any practiced architect knows how to design a building, but a great architect knows that his responsibility belongs not just to his clients but also to the greater community in which a project will be built. Redding architectural firm Nichols, Melburg & Rossetto hsa built a reputation for gathering such architects, and a hallmark of that success is in the firm’s longevity. This year NMR celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Gene Nichols founded NMR in 1967, later inviting Les Melburg to become a partner, and then rounding our the NMR trio by inviting Dan Rossetto to become a partner in 1985.” Read more below, pages 31-32.