Cloverdale Unified School District’s students will soon be able to dream, design and build models of wood, metal and plastic in their brand new makerspace. The 21st century learning addition to Cloverdale High School is currently under construction. Once complete, students will have access to a design room, a build room and classrooms. The design room will be stocked with state of the art technology like 3-D printers, a green screen for filming, a sound room for voice overs and computer work stations for digital design. The design room offers students a space to experiment with a variety of design tools and programs. After completing the design process, students can start making their designs in the adjacent build room.  Complete with woodworking tools, laser cutters, MIG welder, CNC router and vinyl cutters, the build space allows students to create their designs in a hands on makerspace. Both the design space and the build space have roll up doors so students can easily move large projects in and out. The doors also provide an optimum indoor/outdoor learning environment.

NMR is dedicated to helping District’s create learning spaces that provide the best possible learning environment for their students. We realize that each District has different programs, and their students and teachers have different needs. Our goal is to design spaces that set the District, students and teachers up for success by meeting those individual needs while creating flexibility for the future. NMR is pleased to collaborate with Cloverdale Unified School District to create applied learning spaces that equip students with a hands-on educational experience that enhances the District’s STEM and CTE programs.