Located in San Joaquin County’s master planned community of Mountain House, CA the Lammersville Unified School District (LUSD) educates nearly 5,000 pre-kindergarten through high school students at 1 high school, 1 pre-school and 4 elementary school campuses. LUSD is dedicated to graduating all students with the knowledge and ability to make good choices, act responsibly, and enter the workforce in a profession of their choice while continuing to be lifelong learners. The District’s passion for education and willingness to innovate has and continues to serve students, their families and the community well.

The Lammersville Elementary School District started out with one school when it was established in 1876. Since their unification in 2011, the Lammersville Unified School District has grown to nearly 5,000 students, and plans to build a new K-8 school every 2-3 years to keep pace with the growing community. As the county’s highest performing school District, LUSD has maintained excellence in teaching and student performance as they’ve grown.

Mountain House High School offers students open pathways to experience professions including:  biomedical science, engineering, computer networking, culinary arts, performing arts and visual arts. While many Districts offer pathways, LUSD’s open pathways allow students to switch pathways to explore various professions. The District has also developed an award winning partnership with San Joaquin Delta College to increase college and career readiness. Students who participate in the early, college pathway program graduate from high school with their diploma and an associate’s degree.

While the number of educators entering the work force is declining, Lammersville’s sophisticated on boarding program equips teachers with education and support.  The curriculum and instruction department meets staff needs by providing coaching and curriculum support for all educators, district officials and administration. The District’s unconventional approach in educating district officials and administration alongside teachers creates a common vernacular for implementing best practices.

Currently, the District is constructing Hansen Elementary, designing Cordes Elementary and discussing two new K-8 schools which would create a total of 4 campuses in 6 years. In 2018, the Lammersville Unified School District will complete the Mountain House High School campus. The most recent additions include a state of the art theater that seats over 500 students, a career technical education building, learning commons, aquatic center and tennis courts. The campus expansion allows the District to broaden educational opportunities for students.

While expanding rapidly, the District continues to provide outstanding education for students through state of the art facilities, educating their teachers and providing open pathways for students to explore careers. It is their conscientious dedication and willingness to take risks that continues to strengthen the District and the community.