Whether southern, central or northern California is home, we have all been impacted in some way by wild fires this year.

The recent fires have definitely made the Regional Public Safety Training Facility one of the most highly anticipated projects at Shasta College. In mid-October, the two tower props—a rappelling tower and a fire tower—were delivered and are currently being installed.






So what’s a training tower? Training towers are specialized structures used for a variety of fire, rescue, EMS, and law enforcement training. The rappelling tower allows trainees to learn new skills such as safely attacking a structure fire, practicing hose evolutions, doing victim searches, and overhauling the building after a fire. The fire tower contains gas fired props that mimic a residential or commercial structure fire, providing a variety of realistic scenarios to prepare for real-world emergencies.

In addition to being used by the college’s Fire Academy students, it will also be available to regional public safety entities to continue their training so they can stay safe and informed, and are better prepared to serve our community.