At the northern tip of the Sacramento Valley, the Redding School District (RSD) serves the Redding community through four (4) K-5; two (2) K-8; one (1) Middle School; one (1) Community Day School; and two (2) Partner K-8 Elementary School Districts. Also, the District Authorizes One (1) K-12 Dependent Charter School and One (1) K-8 Independent Charter School. The Redding School District is the oldest district in the city of Redding, dating back to 1873, and is dedicated to building innovative programs and instilling an eagerness to learn. The District is known for its K-8 Computer Science Immersion Program, STEAM Lab and award-winning music program.

RSD is home to the North state’s only full immersion, computer science program for K-8 students. Code to the Future selected only three elementary schools north of San Jose to pilot the Code to the Future program; all three of which reside in the Redding School District. The program offers what Superintendent Rob Adams calls a “progression of coding.” K-2 students begin by learning block coding, programming Lego robots and building structures in Minecraft. Grades 3-5 obtain similar skills on a more advanced level, while 6-8th students learn python script, html, CSS and java. These skills enable students to design video games and websites, build small computers and program Vex Robotics. Students graduate from middle school armed with the skills to create and contribute to our technological world.

While technological education grows, according to Forbes collaboration was identified as the most important professional skill in the new economy. RSD’s Cypress elementary campus combines technological training with collaboration in their brand new STEAM Discovery Lab. The Lab is complete with green screen technology, 3-D printing, robotics and small group work stations that facilitate collaborative learning. The Discovery Lab allows students to learn new technologies, explore career pathways, and exposes students to STEAM concepts that help them build the necessary skills to become effective, future leaders.

As some districts close music programs, RSD has developed a flourishing, award winning music program. Students learn to appreciate, compose, play and perform music. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned by performing at both live and virtual events via You Tube. The program even prepares students to become professional musicians through an annual jazz performance written and performed entirely by students. RSD’s middle school music students regularly compete with high school music programs, and have been invited to perform and march down Main Street in Disneyland.

In addition to outstanding programs, two of the District’s campuses have been recognized as national showcase schools by Capturing Kids’ Hearts. The award commends districts who have advanced academic achievement by becoming places where trust, respect, and caring relationships flourish. While 43 states use the Capture Kids’ Hearts program, less than 10 California districts are considered showcase schools. Redding School District claims two of the ten showcase school awards in California.

In the future, the District plans to continue building and improving the quality of their programs, and looks forward to restoring and modernizing the aging infrastructure of its educational campuses. CBO, Robert Fellinger extends his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Redding community for their investment in the District through the successful passage of Measure B.