This project provided for the replacement of an existing Cal Fire facility on a 7.4 acre state owned property. The existing Barracks, Apparatus Garage and Helicopter Hangar were demolished as they were past their operational lifespan. New construction included a 22-bed Barracks, 2-bay Apparatus Garage, Rescue Training Tower, Electric/Pump building and a new Helicopter Hangar sized for the new Cal Fire Firehawk helicopters. Vina was one of the first Cal Fire facilities to be designed for the larger 4-rotor helicopters that replaced the previous generation of 2-rotor helicopters. Site improvements included two new lighted helipads, jet fuel tank system, gas/diesel fuel system, propane fuel system, water storage tanks, hose wash racks, wastewater disposal system and solar PV array. Highway 99 which fronts the project site was also widened as part of the project to provide for improved ingress and egress from the site.

Project Photos