The ED Expansion project at Mercy Medical Center Redding addressed the department’s need to increase bed capacity and lab throughput efficiency to match the growing demand for treatment, and to improve emergency entry access. The project included a 4,165 sq. ft. expansion into the ambulance drop off area, a 8,622 sq. ft. remodel, and a 2,953 sq. ft. refurbishment on the first floor of the main hospital building.

The two trauma bays were expanded and upgraded in a larger, more flexible space. The new space provides enough room to accommodate an increase in the number of patient care bays. In order to guarantee that there was always a functioning trauma room and never a decrease in available exam/treatment rooms NMR meticulously phased the project. With the exception of the two trauma bays, all rooms are private, which will meet the Joint Commission / DHS privacy requirements. The expansion also included two treatment rooms designed to better accommodate psychiatric patients, as well as two negative pressure isolation treatment rooms. The ambulance drop-off area expansion relocated twenty-one parking spaces to provide easier entry access to the unit.

Additionally, approximately 500 sq. ft. of the existing lab area was remodeled to improve efficiency in throughput to help meet the anticipated increase in visits. Expansion of the Emergency Room allows for growth across a number of inpatient service lines, and specifically supports the hospital’s goal of becoming a Cardiology Center of Excellence.

Project Photos