The Sequoia Middle School Modernization project took a multi-phased approach to replacing aged infrastructure while enhancing classrooms and support spaces to meet today’s safety, technology, and educational standards.  The first phase of the modernization was a complete renovation of the Kitchen and Cafeteria including a new HVAC system.  The second phase demolished several old modular buildings that housed administration and music studies and demolished portions of the existing classroom wings that were under-utilized.  In its place was constructed a new 3,400 sq. ft. Administration Building and 9,000+ sq. ft. Music Studies Center.  Careful consideration was given to the design and layout of the music classrooms to be both a compliment to the existing 1940’s mid-century architecture and celebrate the Music Arts.  Classrooms and support spaces offers tailored acoustics, natural light in each classroom and direct access to practice rooms and instrument storage.  On the outside, new concrete plazas and landscaping opens the campus allowing teachers and staff to visually monitor students and activities.  Outdoor spaces were defined by landscape planters and fencing providing outdoor learning opportunities.

Project Photos