NMR’s Leadership Commitment

Our firm’s passionate culture attracts people who believe that architectural design has the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of people and communities. At NMR our leaders and staff partner with clients to create designs that transform concepts into artful, efficient and sustainable realities that create gathering spaces which enhance the quality of life in our built environments.

Michael O’Connor
Principal Architect
Director of Healthcare Facility Design

Dan Rossetto
Principal Architect
Director of Education Design

Joe Warner
Principal Architect
Healthcare Studio

Les Melburg
Senior Partner

Leonard Fisher
Principal Engineer
Director of Structural Engineering Division

Kyle Matti
Principal Architect
Civic & Commercial Studio

Steve Gonsalves
Principal Architect & Structural Engineer
Healthcare & Education Studios

Wesley King
Principal Architect
Education Studio Manager

John Corless
Associate Principal Engineer
Structural Engineering Division

David Rogers
Principal Architect
Director of Information Systems