Structural Engineering Services

NMR has structural engineering capabilities which give our firm in-house coordination and control of construction cost and methodology that exceeds that available through the typical architect/consulting engineer relationship.

The NMR Structural Group is a recognized leader in structural design and seismic renovation of residential, commercial, school and healthcare facilities. The Structural Group takes pride in producing innovative design solutions that are cost effective and facilitate the overall architectural program.

Our structural software allows us to quickly model and analyze new and existing structures for all types of loadings. We find the ability to pursue structural solutions simultaneously with preliminary architectural design, saves both us and our clients time and money.

NMR has also developed numerous proprietary pieces of software that allow us to evaluate non-primary structural systems such as wall, ceiling and floor equipment bracing and anchoring systems. Our proprietary software and analysis techniques are accepted by DSA and OSHPD.

Structural Engineering & SB1953 Evaluation

NMR has extensive existing building seismic evaluation and retrofit experience. After the North Ridge earthquake, the California Senate passed SB 1953 requiring all acute care hospitals to develop seismic evaluations and compliance plans. NMR has produced SB 1953 seismic evaluations and compliance plans for many of our clients and has gained approval of numerous applications for delays in compliance for hospitals in the North State.

NMR has also completed a number of seismic mitigation projects that have allowed our acute care hospital clients to improve the Non-structural Performance Category (NPC) and Structural Performance Category (SPC) ratings of individual buildings or campuses. Recently, NMR has successfully completed several HAZUS requalifications upgrading our client’s seismically at-risk SPC 1 hospital buildings to SPC 2 and extending their useful life to 2030. Because NMR is an integrated architectural and structural engineering firm, we are often able to leverage hospital renovation projects into NPC and SPC facility upgrades at a small incremental cost.