NMR delivers award-winning designs that inspire, connect and perform.

The continued growth of NMR reflects our success in establishing an organization staffed with experienced and talented architects, interior designers and engineers dedicated to their profession and the clients they serve. In an era of technical complexity and the need to integrate sustainable principles, the ability to consistently create projects of architectural distinction requires a commitment to design excellence and attention to detail in all project phases. Our guiding principle has been, and always will be, to produce architectural solutions that meet the functional, aesthetic and technical needs of our clients.

Building technology and delivery continue to become more specialized, demanding that architects and engineers have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of their clients and their desire to provide services as efficiently as possible. NMR has extensive experience in a wide range of building types with established Education, Healthcare, Civic, Commercial and Residential design studios. Our projects have ranged in size from very small ADA upgrades to large government centers and complex hospitals and educational campuses, each utilizing our state-of-the-art technology and Building-Information-Modeling (BIM) capabilities, to provide architectural services. Due to the volume of competitively bid projects we design, we have accumulated a far-reaching knowledge of contractors, construction practices, and bidding conditions. We are also well-acquainted with the regions and communities we serve, their histories, and state and local governments and public agencies.

Working for Cities, Counties, California State Government agencies such as Cal Fire, CCC, and DGS, High School and Elementary School Districts, Community Colleges, and California State Universities.  As a result of the large amount of work we do in the area of school design, it has been imperative for us to establish and maintain a good working relationship with the Division of the State Architect (DSA).

NMR has also completed well over 2,000 healthcare projects, many of which were built under the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) to go along with extensive private physician and local jurisdiction clinics. This experience allows us to maintain excellent relationships with HCAI leadership, office and field personnel, and we are currently honored to hold one of three Architect positions in California appointed by the Director of HCAI to the HCAI Hospital Building & Safety Board.

Additional Specialized Services